Photo: Diana Zalucky

Photo: Diana Zalucky

Somsara Rielly is a Los Angeles Collage Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & all-around seeker whose given name means “the eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth” in Sanskrit. 

Pulling from personal narrative as well as a lifelong collection of vintage paper and ephemera, her collages invite the eye to linger on and re-contextualize the familiar. As seen in the mid-century ideal much of her imagery references, rarely are things as they appear. Her collage and mixed-media work weaves in layers of interpretation and plays with the seemingly random connections between things. Propelled by a daily meditation practice, Somsara has a deep desire to find magic in the everyday that surrounds us, while exploring the profound inner world that exists in each of us. 

Past exhibitions include Los Angeles City Hall, San Francisco Center for the Book, Burt Green, Wallspace, Good Eye, Co-Lab, Machamux and sp[a]ce Galleries.

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