Come on, if you had this photo op, you know you'd use this picture too. (2015)

Come on, if you had this photo op, you know you'd use this picture too. (2015)

Somsara Rielly is a Los Angeles Artist & Designer. Her name means “the eternal cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth” in Sanskrit - a pretty heavy name to be born with for someone who just wants to make the world a more beautiful place.

Always driven by conceptual thinking, Somsara's blend of classical and modern styles results in a timeless and unique aesthetic. Her collage and mixed-media work weaves in layers of interpretation and explores the boundaries between art and design. A lifelong love affair with paper, typography, and printing techniques continue to inspire new methods and connections resulting in a unique style and voice. Be it design, illustration or fine art, there's always a dash of wit and a wink. 

Somsara is an LA native who spent a few years in New York and then happily returned home where she now lives with her Creative Director husband, precocious son and mysterious cat. In her spare time you can find her seeking the perfect coffee/donut/martini, scouring flea markets for vintage paper, and listening obsessively to podcasts.

Somsara's daily project ArtDesign3[6]5 was installed in its entirety at Wallspace Gallery Los Angeles in June of 2012 and the project was named one of the Top Ten Sites for Designers by HOW Magazine. In 2008 her work was part of a group show in Los Angeles entitled Los Angeles Loteria! that was on display at Los Angeles City Hall, San Francisco Center for the Book, and Burt Green Fine Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. In 2017 Somsara participated in group shows at both Good Eye Gallery and Co-Lab Gallery in Los Angeles.

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